Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi Dan Media Sosial (JKOMDIS) 2024-07-06T08:26:01+00:00 Editor-in-Chief : JKOMDIS Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Journal of Communication Science and Social Media (JKOMDIS)</strong> E-ISSN : <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><strong>2807-6087</strong></a> is a journal published by CV. ITTC INDONESIA and managed directly by Webinar.Gratis and Even.Gratis for various groups who have an interest in Communication Science, social and culture, both in a broad sense, and specifically in related fields. manuscripts accepted for publication in the form of field research, library research, observations, and scientific works related to topics relevant to communication, social, and cultural sciences.</p> <p>Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi Dan Media Sosial Frequency: 3 issues per year, Issue <strong>1 (January-April)</strong>, <strong>Issue 2 (May-August)</strong>, <strong>Issue 3 (September-December)</strong></p> Analisis Wacana Kritis Norman Fairclough Pernyataan Megawati: “Pak Jokowi Kalau nggak Ada PDI Perjuangan duh Kasihan dah” 2024-07-06T08:26:01+00:00 Putri Paradilah Sandi Mayasari Eka Yusup <p>Partai<em> Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDIP) held its 50th Anniversary celebration on January 10, 2023. During the celebration, Megawati as the Chairperson of the party mentioned, "Mr. Jokowi, if there is no PDI Perjuangan, I'm sorry,". The statement received applause from the audience at JIEXPO Kemayoran. The video of Megawati's statement was uploaded again by KompasTV through the Youtube channel and received various responses. This research uses a qualitative research method with a critical discourse analysis approach of the Norman Fairclough model. The purpose of this research is to dissect discourse in three dimensions, namely textual, discourse practices, and sociocultural practices. Textually, the use of linguistic elements in the form of diction and majas is found. The dimension of discourse practice can be seen from the parties involved in making the video from KompasTV media through the Youtube channel. The level of consumption of this discourse is not only consumed by subscribers, but the wider netizen can access the information and provide comments. The sociocultural dimension is divided into three, namely situational, institutional, and social. Situational saw the situation when Megawati's 50th anniversary of PDIP received a response of applause when delivering the discourse. Institutional shows that PDIP's vote share has decreased in the 2024 elections. Then the social level in the discourse consists of cultural and political elements.</em></p> 2024-07-11T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Perilaku Toxic Masculinity di Kalangan Pelajar SMK 2024-04-24T01:47:23+00:00 Muhammad Rizqi Nurhysam Nasution Siti Nursanti Flori Mardiani Lubis <p><em>Toxic masculinity behavior has become one of the examples of emerging reality in society. It talks about how a teenager male is bound to a long-formed social construction against the determination of attitudes and behaviors that men should be carrying out. Like a man should be strong, not crying, and so on. </em><em>This study aims to identify toxic masculinity behavior that occurs among SMK students. The method used is qualitative research with a case study approach that is reviewed from Berger and Luckmann's theory of social reality construction and supported by Raewyn Connell's hegemonic masculinity theory. Subjects in this study were students of SMK Bina Karya 1 Karawang who consisted of five informants (three perpetrators and two victims) and selected on the basis of certain criteria. The data collection techniques used are observations, interviews and documentation.The results show that toxic masculinity in reality is based on three stages: externalization, objectification and internalization. At the externalization stage, the role of the family as well as the infancy of the informant becomes an important stage in the formation of their character as a man. Then at the objectivization stage, individuals begin to interact and see the reality that exists in their social environment through the meaning created for men. Lastly, the stage of internalization in which individuals embody existing subjectivity and become part of the members of society as a male.</em></p> 2024-04-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Srategi Komunikasi Pemasaran Digital Kelas Olah Wicara Anak Melalui Feed instagram @kowa_story 2024-04-27T18:23:34+00:00 Weni Novita <p><em>Children's speech class is one of the services that can help children improve their speaking and communication skills. Kowa is one of the non-formal education platforms that provides material on public speaking specifically for children, in order to attract public interest, the right digital marketing communication strategy is needed.The purpose of this study is to find out how the digital marketing communication strategy for children's speech classes through the @kowa_story Instagram feed. The method used in this research is Krippendorff's content analysis which is carried out through digital observation on the @kowa_story Instagram account from September 30, 2023 to December 31, 2023. The results of this study indicate that children's speech classes carry out more digital marketing communication strategies through the @kowa_story Instagram feed which are dominated by Public Relations and Publicity.</em></p> 2024-04-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Peran Produser Dalam Produksi Web Series “Gara-Gara Gadget” 2024-04-30T13:43:15+00:00 Nadea Rahmadani Dion Eriend <p><em>Web series or web series are short series video shows, can be in the form of series films, tutorials, news information, tips, tricks, and so on that are made specifically for online consumption. Currently, there is a lot of entertainment in the form of videos that can be found in the internet world, including YouTube. Behind the production of web series, of course, it is inseparable from many workers who are able to unite their creative minds to produce a web series. So, the author carries out the Final Project of this web series as a producer. The producer is the person who is responsible and leads the process of creating a web series, from the pre-production stage, the production stage to the post-production stage. At the time of preparation, the producer manages all planning from determining the schedule, organizing the team, finance, managing the time and as a source of information. During production, the producer supervises the shooting so that the production is in accordance with the plan as well as a decision maker when there are problems outside of planning. During post-production, the producer will oversee the editing process with the director. To become a producer is not only a person who has money for film production funding, because if so, people who have money can become producers And the producer's role in the production of the web series or web series "Gara-Gara Gadget" uses the De Fleur communication model. This model describes the source, transmitter, receiver, and destination as separate phases in the mass communication process, similar to the phases Schramm describes.</em></p> 2024-05-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Peran Script Writer Dalam Menyampaikan Pesan Moral Melalui Film Sabda Rindu 2024-04-30T13:44:37+00:00 Panji Nugraha Dion Eriend <p><em>This final project is prepared based on the author's experience during the production of a movie entitled "Sabda&nbsp;Rindu". During the pre-production and filming process, the author served as a script writer. The main task of a script writer is to write scripts and develop ideas and adapt a story in the form of a narrative with the aim that the message to be conveyed from a film can be conveyed properly through a dialog or scenario. This film production activity aims to improve the author's ability to communicate, add relationships and be able to apply the knowledge learned during college so as to get a picture of the world of work later. &nbsp;While carrying out film production activities, the author has observed and felt for himself how the process of making a script into a film work. Starting from selecting the storyline, writing dialog to auditioning the selection of roles that are deemed suitable to play the film. So that what is visualized by the script writer can be realized properly by the production team. So that in its application, good communication is needed between the script writer and the team in order to establish good cooperation.Interpersonal communication theory is the process of sending and receiving messages with the aim of getting feedback and reactions so that the message to be conveyed can influence behavior between two or more people. Movies are not only entertainment media, but through movies it is hoped that people can also take moral messages from the movie's story in the real world.</em></p> 2024-05-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Upaya Rri Padang Dalam Meningkatkan Pendengar Muda Melalui Pemanfaatan Media Sosial 2024-04-30T03:11:56+00:00 Fathurrahman Yosdi Defhany . <p><em>Radio is a mass media that is closely related to the needs of society that can provide various kinds of information, entertainment, and education. The presence of the internet has shifted people's behavior patterns that are more following the development of internet technology, including RRI Padang. RRI Padang strives to improve the quality of broadcast programs in order to attract young listeners, especially on social media. The background of this study aims to find out how RRI Padang's efforts are made in increasing young listeners through the use of social media. This research using qualitative-inductive research is a research method that starts with collecting concrete data and then developing patterns, themes, or general theories from the data. This method of radio with a focus on attracting the younger generation can involve several approaches oriented towards a deep understanding of the preferences, needs, and expectations of young listeners. This research is with data collection techniques in the form of interviews, observations, documentation, and document studies. The result of this study is the success of RRI Padang's efforts in increasing young listeners through the use of social media</em></p> 2024-05-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Eksplorasi Naratif Media: Analisis Framing CNN Indonesia Terhadap Pelanggan Aset Kripto 2024-04-24T01:45:23+00:00 Teguh Agum Pratama <p>Artikel ini memiliki point of interest pada bagaimana CNN Indonesia memframing pemberitaan cryptocurrency dalam konteks kenaikan jumlah investor yang masif hingga mencapai 18 juta lebih pelanggan. Kajian ini mengadopsi metodologi kualitatif dengan konsolidasi model framing Robert N Entman untuk mengidentifikasi bagaimana media membingkai isu ini. Kkomponen kunci dari teori framing Entman mengidentifikasi masalah, analisis penyebab, evaluasi moral, dan rekomendasi penyelesaian akan digunakan untuk membedah dan memahami narasi yang dibangun oleh CNN Indonesia mengenai ekspansi pasar aset kripto. Hasil daripada kajian ini: Angka 18,25 juta pelanggan aset kripto yang dilaporkan oleh CNN Indonesia menandakan pertumbuhan yang signifikan dalam industri ini, mencerminkan minat yang besar terhadap aset digital dan potensi adopsi massal. Framing media oleh CNN Indonesia dapat mempengaruhi persepsi publik secara positif, menggambarkan ini sebagai langkah maju dalam inovasi teknologi finansial yang memberikan akses lebih luas dan mendorong keuangan yang inklusif dan terdesentralisasi. Namun, ada juga kemungkinan framing negatif yang menyoroti risiko dan spekulasi pasar, menuntut regulasi yang lebih ketat untuk melindungi investor dari volatilitas dan praktik tidak etis, menunjukkan dualitas persepsi yang dapat dibentuk oleh media terhadap fenomena ekonomi yang sama.</p> 2024-05-07T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Peran Instagram Dalam Membangun Brand Awareness CV. VERALDI Padang Pada Akun @Wedding.Veraldi_Real 2024-05-06T13:14:20+00:00 Dani Mulyo Aji Defhany . <p><em>This research explores how CV. Veraldi Padang utilizes Instagram to strengthen the brand awareness of the @Wedding.Veraldi_Real account and overcome limitations in showcasing the uniqueness of MC services. The focus is on analyzing the social media marketing strategy used by the company. The aim is to understand the impact and effectiveness of marketing strategies in building brand image and overcoming challenges faced in the context of the Instagram platform. This research method uses a qualitative approach with a case study to deeply understand CV. Veraldi's marketing strategy through Instagram. The research location was at CV Veraldi Padang. Key and supporting informants were selected through purposive sampling. Data collection was carried out through library research, interviews, and observation. Data analysis was conducted using the Miles and Huberman model, including data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing. Data validity was checked through source triangulation. This research explores CV. Veraldi's strategies and challenges in building Brand Awareness through Instagram. They focus on quality and creative content, and are responsive to the audience. Despite facing negative comments and account hacks, they remain committed to maintaining their reputation and building a loyal community of followers. With a proactive approach, CV. Veraldi managed to strengthen their brand image on the Instagram platform. The interview results show that CV. Veraldi managed to build Brand Awareness on Instagram with creative content and sharing business information. They apply social media marketing theory in building Brand Awareness. CV. Veraldi overcame obstacles with careful management of their Instagram account and a silent approach to negative comments, ensuring their uniqueness remained visible. This allowed them to face the challenges effectively.</em></p> 2024-05-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Analisis Media Monitoring Aplikasi E-Wallet DANA Pada Bulan Maret 2024 2024-05-01T16:40:57+00:00 Syifa Najiyya Nismara <p><strong><em>ABSTRACT</em></strong></p> <p><em>Technology is developing not only in the information and communication sector, but also in the financial sector or what is usually called financial technology. Financial technology is a term for the use of technology that creates innovation and change in various financial services, such as the presence of e-wallets or electronic wallets. E-wallets offer various benefits such as practicality, security in transactions, and ease of financial management. DANA is one of the most popular e-wallets and is widely used by people in Indonesia due to various payment features. DANA still has several shortcomings and errors in its system, so users often complain on their social media. Therefore, it is necessary to use media monitoring to see various opinions, complaints and questions through mentions and sentiments from DANA application users through social media monitoring analytical tools. The research method uses a netnographic qualitative descriptive research method by collecting data through Brand24. The data obtained is data from Twitter (X), TikTok, and news from internet.</em></p> <p><strong>ABSTRAK</strong></p> <p>Teknologi berkembang tidak hanya di bidang informasi dan komunikasi saja, namun pada di bidang finansial atau biasa disebut dengan <em>financial technology.</em> <em>Financial technology</em> adalah istilah untuk penggunaan teknologi yang menciptakan inovasi dan perubahan pada berbagai layanan keuangan, seperti kehadiran <em>e-wallet</em> atau dompet elektronik. <em>E-wallet</em> menawarkan berbagai keuntungan seperti kepraktisan, keamanan dalam bertransaksi, dan kemudahan dalam pengelolaan keuangan. DANA adalah salah satu <em>e-wallet</em> yang popular dan banyak digunakan oleh masyarakat di Indonesia berkat berbagai fitur pembayaran yang menarik. DANA masih memiliki beberapa kekurangan dan kesalahan pada sistemnya, sehingga para penggunanya seringkali melakukan komplain di media sosial. Maka dari itu, perlu dilakukannya <em>media monitoring </em>untuk melihat berbagai pendapat, keluhan, dan pertanyaan melalui <em>mentions</em> dan sentimen dari para pengguna aplikasi DANA melalui <em>social media monitoring analytical tools.</em> Metode penelitian menggunakan jenis metode penelitian deskriptif kualitatif netnografi dengan mengumpulkan data melalui Brand24. Data yang diperoleh adalah data dari Twitter (X), TikTok, dan pemberitaan internet.</p> 2024-05-19T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Efektivitas Komunikasi Interpersonal Dalam Menjalin Solidaritas Virtual Melalui Aplikasi Steam Community Grup 2024-05-29T07:19:04+00:00 Tri Agung Laksono Oky Oxcygentry Weni A. Arindawati <p><em>To communicate and interact with each other while in an online game, the Steam Community application is an application that can be used to interact and communicate with Steam Community users, and also has the feature of creating a group, one of which is the GabutGaming group. In a Steam Community GabutGaming Group, interaction and communication are required to be connected to an internet connection and there are also different variations of members such as regional differences, age, language and culture. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of using the Steam Community application in establishing virtual solidarity in the GabutGaming Group. This research uses a Qualitative research method with a Case Study approach and then uses interviews and data collection. Researchers have obtained the results of research from the existence of Openness, Empathy, Supportive Attitudes, Positive Attitudes and Equality. Where from the five positive traits, communication can run effectively to increase the sense of solidarity that occurs virtually in a Steam Community application for the GabutGaming group.</em></p> 2024-05-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Analisis Isi Penyampaian Pesan Dakwah Toleransi Log-in Melalui Podcast Youtube Deddy Corbuzier 2024-05-29T07:24:15+00:00 Ayu Anisa Arfian Suryasuciramdhan Meiby Zulfikar Shafira Dwiyanti Suminah . <p><em>Da'wah can be interpreted as a process of conveying or inviting someone consciously to embrace, study, and practice religious teachings, so as to awaken, restore the potential benefits of others that literally every human being should have. (Hilmi Sha'bani et al., 2024). Rapid technological development, the delivery of da'wah is intensively carried out through social media such as YouTube. Its broad scope of messages can be conveyed by reaching out to many masses from different cultures and religions. The author tries to "Analyze the Content of Delivering the Message of Da'wah Tolerance" #LogInCloseTheDoor</em><em> on Youtube Deddy Corbuzier hosted by Habib Ja'far and Onad, in the last episode by inviting 6 religious leaders, namely Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, Confucianism, and Hinduism. Aims to explore an objective understanding of the value of delivering the message of da'wah tolerance of various religions in Indonesia through Youtube on the Log-in podcast. The research uses qualitative approach methods, with descriptive techniques, through the application of documentation data collection, literature studies and content analysis. With the results to provide an understanding of how the message of tolerance in each religion in Indonesia can show the value of togetherness, diversity, and unity, explaining the role of YouTube social media in Log-in content is an upgrade of the way of preaching with a relaxed language style can have a positive impact on society.</em></p> 2024-06-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Polarisasi Politik Melalui Interaksi Sosial Di Instagram: Studi Kasus Pemilu 2024 Di Indonesia 2024-05-29T07:24:57+00:00 Hema Junaice Sitorus Mellysa Tanoyo Irwansyah . <p>Pemilihan Umum atau Pemilu 2024 di Indonesia merupakan salah satu peristiwa politik yang memiliki kontroversi dan dinamika yang menciptakan sejarah baru di Indonesia. Media sosial menjadi wadah terbuka bagi masyarakat untuk dapat memberikan pandangan mengenai para calon presiden dan calon wakil presiden. Penelitian ini menyelidiki bagaimana interaksi sosial di Instagram terhadap polarisasi politik selama proses Pemilu 2024 di Indonesia. Pendekatan kualitatif merupakan metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini dengan mengeksplorasi bagaimana platform media sosial berperan dalam pembetukan persepsi politik pengguna dan berkontribusi pada polarisasi wacana politik. Data dikumpulkan melalui wawancara mendalam dengan pengguna aktif platform tersebut, dengan fokus pada interaksi, pengalaman, dan jenis konten yang mereka gunakan. Temuan penelitian ini mengungkapkan bahwa Instagram memainkan peran penting dalam membentuk opini politik dan menumbuhkan sudut pandang yang terpolarisasi. Faktor-faktor utama yang berkontribusi terhadap fenomena ini termasuk kurasi konten yang digerakkan oleh algoritme, efek ruang gema, dan pengaruh influencer politik. Selain itu, penelitian ini menyoroti bagaimana konten visual dan menarik di platform tersebut memperkuat respons emosional, yang semakin memperkuat sikap yang terpolarisasi. Penelitian ini menekankan pentingnya memahami dinamika interaksi media sosial dalam lanskap politik kontemporer, terutama dalam konteks pemilu. Wawasan yang diperoleh dari penelitian ini dapat menginformasikan strategi untuk mengurangi dampak negatif dari polarisasi politik dan mempromosikan wacana politik yang lebih berimbang di platform media sosial.</p> 2024-06-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Peran Bahasa Dalam Mengungkap Keberadaan 2024-05-29T08:03:51+00:00 Rachmat Bintang Ramadhan Mokodompit <p>Peran bahasa dalam mengungkap keberadaan sangat dibahas oleh filsuf Jerman terkenal Martin Heidegger (Sein). Menurut Heidegger, "bahasa adalah rumah keberadaan", di mana manusia tidak hanya berkomunikasi, tetapi juga mempelajari dan mengungkapkan apa yang sebenarnya terjadi. Dia percaya bahwa bahasa adalah medium utama yang memberikan struktur dan makna pada dunia, memungkinkan manusia untuk memahami dan merasakan keberadaan dunia dengan lebih dekat. Bahasa tidak hanya mewakili dunia, tetapi juga berkontribusi pada pembentukan dan pembentukan dunia. Heidegger mengaitkan bahasa dengan kebenaran (aletheia), di mana kebenaran adalah keterbukaan dari apa yang ada, dan bahasa memungkinkan hal-hal untuk "muncul" dalam keberadaan sejati mereka. Heidegger mengatakan bahwa puisi adalah jenis bahasa paling murni yang dapat mengungkapkan makna lebih mendalam tentang keberadaan. Heidegger, bagaimanapun, menyadari bahwa bahasa tidak dapat mengungkap semua aspek keberadaan. Selain itu, Plato menggunakan bahasa sebagai alat untuk mempelajari dan mengungkap kebenaran filosofis dalam dialog-dialognya. Plato mengungkap asumsi tersembunyi dan menguji argumen dengan metode dialektik, metode di mana kebenaran seringkali ditemukan selama proses penyelidikan itu sendiri. Plato's dialog, yang penuh dengan mitos dan alegori, memberikan kesempatan untuk interpretasi dan introspeksi, dan menekankan betapa pentingnya pemikiran kritis untuk menemukan kebenaran.</p> 2024-06-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Apakah Post-Truth Berbasis Ideologi Membahayakan Demokrasi: Perspektif Penyebaran Fakta Di Media Sosial 2024-05-29T07:25:25+00:00 Sondang Sharine Fitzerald Kennedy Sitorus <p><em>The “post-truth” phenomenon that shakes the foundations of democracy by prioritizing emotional and ideological narratives over objective facts, especially in the context of social media and ideology, threatens healthy political processes and participation in society in political decision making. The aim of this research is to understand the impact of ideology-based post-truth on the stability and integrity of democracy. The research methods used in this article are based on a comprehensive literature review. The results of this research are that ideology-based post-truth poses a serious threat to the health of democracy. This phenomenon not only creates deeper political polarization and results in the spread of damaging misinformation, but also adds to the foundations of democracy such as trust in institutions, political stability, and freedom of thought and expression. The public must understand that when ideology dominates the political narrative and objective facts are ignored, democracy becomes vulnerable to manipulation and power manipulation.</em></p> 2024-06-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Kontribusi Dekonstruksi Terhadap Kritik Konsep Biner Gender Dan Hierarki Patriarkal Dalam Pernikahan Dengan Pemikiran Jacques Derrida 2024-05-29T07:26:15+00:00 Hema Junaice Sitorus Fitzerald K Sitorus <p>Pernikahan adalah suatu proses persatuan emosional dua individu yaitu laki-laki dan perempuan. Konsep pernikahan, dipengaruhi oleh berbagai aspek, seperti aspek sosial, aspek hukum, aspek institusi, dan aspek spiritual. Studi ini melihat bagaimana Jacques Derrida membuat kontribusi terhadap kritiknya terhadap konsep biner gender dan hierarki patriarkal dalam konteks pernikahan dengan menggunakan metode analisis filosofis yang dikenal sebagai dekonstruksi. Metode ini menantang dan membongkar struktur oposisi biner yang menjadi dasar banyak konstruksi sosial, termasuk konsep gender dalam institusi pernikahan. Melalui analisis teks utama Derrida dan literatur sekunder yang relevan, penulis ingin menunjukkan bahwa dekonstruksi memungkinkan pemahaman yang lebih inklusif dan kritis tentang peran gender dan menawarkan metode untuk mengatasi dan menghapus hierarki patriarkal dalam pernikahan. Oleh karena itu, penulisan ini diharapkan dapat membantu mengembangkan teori feminis dan studi gender, serta memberikan landasan teoritis yang kuat untuk mendukung kesetaraan gender dalam pernikahan dengan landasan pemikiran dekonstruksi yang memungkinkan pemahaman secara lebih inklusif dan kritis tentang peran gender, serta menawarkan metode untuk mengatasi dan mengurangi hierarki patriarkal dalam pernikahan.</p> 2024-06-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Menemukan Makna Komunikasi di Era Teknologi: Perspektif Teori Heidegger, Logos, dan Kebenaran 2024-05-29T08:02:58+00:00 Rezha Ribka Kaunang <p><em>Heidegger's thinking about Logos and truth shifts the focus from the traditional static view to a more dynamic and processual view. By emphasizing the role of language in revealing truth, Heidegger provides a new perspective on how we understand and experience reality. The aim of this research is to describe in detail how to find the meaning of communication in the technological era as viewed from the perspective of Heidegger's Theory, Logos and Truth. This research method applies Systematic Literature Review (SLR) using PRISMA guidelines. The research results show that Heidegger's logos theory provides a critical view of modern communication phenomena, especially in the context of social media, online news and instant communication. Logos, which Heidegger understood as the basis of human understanding and rationality, risks being reduced to a mere technical tool in the digital environment. Communication that occurs on these platforms often loses depth and nuance, replaced by information fragmentation and algorithmic interests that prioritize hype and user engagement over truth and deep understanding.</em></p> 2024-06-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Peranan Komunikasi Dalam Sistem Sosial : Analisis Teori Niklas Lukman 2024-05-29T08:03:22+00:00 Difha Sulistyawati Handayani <p><em>The theory of communication as autopoiesis proposed by Niklas Luhmann offers a revolutionary perspective in understanding communication in social systems. Luhmann argues that communication is not just a tool for exchanging information, but is an independent process and has autonomous mechanisms to maintain and reproduce itself. This theory combines the concept of autopoiesis which originally came from biology, where a system can produce and maintain its own components through internal interactions. In Luhmann's theory, communication is seen as a basic element of a social system that has the ability to create and reproduce social structures through processes communication itself. Luhmann emphasized that communication occurs through three main elements: information, message, and understanding. This process not only transmits information, but also shapes and constructs social reality. Communication in Luhmann's view is a selective process that involves selecting the information to be communicated, the way the information is conveyed, and how the information is understood by the recipient. Apart from that, the theory of communication as autopoiesis is relevant in the context of modern communication which is increasingly complex and fragmented. In the digital era, where information spreads rapidly and in large quantities, understanding communication as an autopoietic process helps us understand how information is processed, selected, and internalized in social systems. It also helps in understanding the challenges and opportunities that have arisen from developments in communication technologies, such as social media and the internet, which have changed the way we communicate and interact with each other. Overall, Niklas Luhmann's theory of communication as autopoiesis provides a powerful theoretical framework for understanding communication as an independent and dynamic process in social systems. This theory not only provides insight into how communication functions in a social context, but also offers analytical tools for exploring the complexity and dynamics of communication in modern society. By understanding communication through the lens of autopoiesis, we can better capture the essence of the communication process and how it shapes our social reality.</em></p> 2024-06-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Mengartikan Persuasi dalam Media Sosial: Studi pada Kampanye Influencer Berdasarkan Prinsip Pathos Aristoteles 2024-05-29T07:23:54+00:00 Fatimah Anandati Phil Fitzerald Kennedy Sitorus <p><em>Aristotle described persuasion as the process of changing another person's views or behavior using logic, emotion, and ethos (the speaker's character or credibility). This is proven by influencers who carry out campaigns as a step to get optimal results and impressions from the audience. This article aims to describe the meaning of persuasion in social media by taking a study of influencer campaigns based on the principles of Aristotle's Pathos. The research method used is Systematic Literature Review (SLR) with PRISMA guidelines, where the guidelines are a systematic and transparent approach to identifying, evaluating and synthesizing research relevant to a particular topic. The research results show that the implications and relevance of the findings regarding the use of Aristotle's Pathos principle in the context of social media marketing and communication are very broad and significant. Campaigns that utilize emotions effectively tend to attract more attention and engage audiences. Advertisers or influencers can use evocative stories, compelling visuals and appropriate music to create deep emotional engagement. The use of emotions can build stronger bonds between consumers and brands</em></p> 2024-06-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Communication Strategy In Achieving Sustainable Environmental Development: Case Study Of The Ban On The Use Of Plastic Bags In Familymart Retail Stores 2024-05-30T07:06:20+00:00 Nugra P. Anwar Hema Junaice Sitorus Mellysa Tanoyo Naniek Novijanti Setijadi <p><em>This study explores the communication strategies utilized by FamilyMart retail stores to enforce the ban on plastics bags, aiming to support sustainable environmental development. As environmental concerns become increasingly significant, retail businesses are at the forefront of promoting sustainable practices. This research investigates how FamilyMart conveys its environmental policies to customers and the broader community to encourage behavior change towards eco-friendly alternatives. Using qualitative methods, the research involves in-depth interviews with store managers, content analysis of promotional materials, and observations of in-store communication efforts. According to the research, FamilyMart has a thorough communication strategy that consists of educational initiatives for customers, conspicuous signage, and active participation on social media. These tactics aim to encourage consumers to use reusable bags by raising awareness of the negative environmental effects of plastic bag usage. Effective communication strategies make use of visual aids, customer incentives for program involvement, and compelling and informative messaging. The report also emphasizes how crucial it is to use consistent messages throughout a range of communication channels and how important employee involvement is to achieve the initiative's goals. The findings show that establishing a sustainable culture and obtaining consumer compliance depend heavily on efficient communication. The report ends with actionable suggestions for retailers looking to put similar environmental policies into place. These suggestions emphasize the importance of using multifaceted, transparent, and engaging communication tactics to support long-term, sustainable change.</em></p> 2024-06-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Exploring The Openness Of Participatory Space: Case Studies From Contemporary Indonesia 2024-06-06T02:50:08+00:00 Asyifa Khumaira Nurhamdani Jessica Caroline Charis Fenika Gabriella <p>Perkembangan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi telah mengubah cara individu berinteraksi, berkomunikasi, dan memperoleh informasi. Dalam konteks Indonesia, platform digital telah menjadi sarana penting untuk mendorong partisipasi publik dan memastikan keterbukaan serta inklusivitas ruang partisipatif. Konsep "Openness of Participatory Space" menjadi fokus utama dalam memahami bagaimana platform digital dapat digunakan untuk memperluas partisipasi masyarakat dalam diskusi publik. Dengan menganalisis teori demokrasi partisipatif, keadilan sosial, dan komunikasi publik, makalah ini bertujuan untuk mengidentifikasi tantangan dan peluang dalam memastikan ruang partisipatif digital yang terbuka dan inklusif di Indonesia. Melalui studi kasus pemanfaatan platform digital seperti, kita dapat melihat bagaimana masyarakat Indonesia aktif terlibat dalam isu-isu sosial dan politik melalui crowdfunding dan proyek sosial lainnya. Dengan demikian, pemahaman konsep Openness of Participatory Space menjadi kunci dalam memperkuat partisipasi publik melalui media digital di Indonesia.</p> 2024-06-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Peranan Ict Dan Digital Media Dalam Edukasi 2024-06-06T03:05:43+00:00 Agung Kusuma Wardana Difha Sulistyawati Handayani Rezha Ribka Kaunang Naniek N. Setijadi <p><em>In the digital era, technology in education not only broadens access to information but also transforms learning methods. This study evaluates the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and digital media in modern education. Using theories such as Constructivism, Connectivism, and Cognitive Multimedia, along with PRISMA 2020 and Systematic Literature Review (SLR) methods, this research shows that ICT and digital media enhance student engagement and enable innovative teaching methods. However, there are challenges such as limited infrastructure and lack of digital competence. This study suggests investing in technological infrastructure and digital competency training to maximize the potential of ICT. Further research is needed to understand the long-term impacts and to conduct comparative studies between countries. This study provides insights for educators, policymakers, and researchers to develop strategies that support the integration of ICT in education.</em></p> 2024-06-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Pengaruh Media Sosial terhadap Gaya Hidup Mahasiswa FKIK Universitas Jambi 2024-06-10T01:51:55+00:00 Elora Maulina Shandrina Safitri Marsha Davina Rahma Muhammad Farrel Bagaskara Egi Purnama Sari Beny Rahim Jelpa Periantolo <p><em>The objectives of this study are: (1) to determine the influence of&nbsp; social media on Jambi University; (2) to determine the lifestyle of Jambi University students. This type of quantitative research is Kuantitatif descriptive statistical . The research population is Civics Students of Jambi University. This research used observation, questionnaire distribution and interview techniques. The results showed that: (1) there is an influence of social media on students of Jambi University, which makes social media a means to access information, find entertainment, and as a medium for communication; (2) there is an influence on the lifestyle of Jambi University students in using social media depending on the content that is often enjoyed when accessing Instagram. Besides that, students of Jambi University, often use social media as a reference to see the latest trend; (3) there is an influence of social media on the lifestyle of students of Jambi University </em></p> 2024-06-11T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Semiotic Analysis: Essential Moral Study in the Film "The Sinking of the Van der Wijck Ship 2024-06-15T09:22:44+00:00 Muhammad Akbar Affandi Lubis Muaz Tanjung <p>This article aims to explore and understand the use of signs and symbols in the film "The Sinking of the Van Der Wijck Ship" as tools for communicating moral and ethical messages. Through a semiotic approach, this study highlights how visual and narrative elements contribute to the formation and understanding of cultural hegemony in Indonesia, based on Antonio Gramsci's theory of cultural hegemony. The urgency of this research arises from the need to understand how films influence and shape social and cultural perspectives, particularly in the context of the Minangkabau community, which is rich in tradition and customs. The methodology used is qualitative descriptive, with data collected through observation and in-depth analysis of the film's narrative and the interpretation of the symbols used. The results of the study show that this film functions not only as an entertainment medium but also as a powerful moral education tool that communicates the conflict between traditional and modern values through the rich use of symbols. The discussion in this article emphasizes how the film depicts the struggle for hegemony in society, highlighting the conflict between personal desires and social demands. This research provides new insights into the role of media in influencing and understanding social and cultural dynamics, offering a broader perspective on how visual narratives can impact public understanding of social and cultural issues.</p> 2024-06-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 The Filter Bubble Trap: The Effect of TikTok Media on Language Use and Interaction Among Communication Science Students at UINSU 2024-06-26T03:01:02+00:00 Farhan Pradana Erwan Efendi <p><em>This article aims to explore the impact of the filter bubble created by the social media algorithm of TikTok on the language use and social interactions of Communication Studies students at the State Islamic University of North Sumatra (UINSU). The urgency of this research lies in the increasing dominance of TikTok in students' daily lives and how this platform shapes their behavioral and communication patterns. This study employs a qualitative method with a field research approach. The primary data sources are 10 key informants selected through purposive sampling, while secondary data are derived from books, scholarly articles, and reports. Data collection techniques include interviews, observations, documentation, and literature study. Data analysis is carried out through data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing, with the validity of the data tested using triangulation techniques. The findings indicate that the filter bubble phenomenon has varied effects on students. On one hand, some students feel that the filter bubble limits their views on social and cultural issues, while others find it helpful in obtaining relevant and beneficial information. Additionally, TikTok also influences the language usage of students, with some reporting an expansion in their vocabulary and an increase in creativity, although it also leads to the use of more colloquial and less formal language. The discussion highlights the importance of digital literacy and critical awareness in utilizing social media. These findings align with the filter bubble theory by Eli Pariser, which emphasizes the need for exposure to diverse views to avoid intellectual isolation. Overall, the research suggests that students should be trained to use social media wisely, enabling them to maximize its benefits without falling into the shackles of the filter bubble.</em></p> 2024-07-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Posisi Media Online dan Pada Pemberitaan Kemungkinan Kaesang Bawa PSI Lolos Ambang Batas Parlemen untuk Pemilu 2024 2024-07-01T12:03:17+00:00 Rizsa Aulia Putri Weni A. Arindawati Tri Widya Budhiharti <p><em>Having failed in the 2019 elections due to a lack of votes, it is now the turn of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI), finalizing its strategy to pass the parliamentary threshold. One of the ways PSI is doing this is by inviting Kaesang to join and make him the party chairman. With his electability as the son of the Indonesian president, Kaesang is believed to be able to deliver PSI to Senayan and sit in the Kursi DPR in the 2024 elections. However, will Kaesang really be able to bring PSI to Senayan.</em></p> <p><em>This study aims to explore how the news framing formed by and on the possibility of Kaesang bringing PSI to Senayan. and were chosen because these two media are quite active in reporting Kaesang from different perspectives. This research combines descriptive qualitative methodology with a framing analysis method based on the Zhongdang pan Gerald kosicki model taken from each and &nbsp;news coverage on September 27, 2023. The results of this study show that considers that the presence of Kaesang as chairman is able to deliver PSI through parliament. While, this media actually doubts Kaesang in leading the party. It considers that Kaesang will not be able to bring PSI without the help of people who are experienced and understand politics.</em></p> 2024-07-04T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Dampak Penggunaan Clickbait pada Judul Berita di terhadap Minat Baca Mahasiswa Ilmu Komunikasi Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang Angkatan 2020 2024-07-01T12:03:58+00:00 Sheila Mohammada Mayasari Mayasari Tri Widya Budhiharti <p><em>This research discusses the influence of the use of clickbait headline news on on students’ reading interest. The theory used is uses and effect theory which explains that the use of media can cause many effects on an individual, The research method in this study is quantitative with aby sampling using the Non Probability Sampling method with the type of Porposive Sampling. The results of research and discussion showed that the use of clickbait headline newsdan a significant effect on students’ reading interest.</em></p> 2024-07-04T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Leadership Communication Model of the Executive Student Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences, State Islamic University of North Sumatra 2024-06-24T14:55:04+00:00 Dwiki Elryan Adha Anang Anas Azhar <p><em>This study aims to explore and analyze the leadership communication model implemented by the Student Executive Board (DEMA) of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the State Islamic University of North Sumatra (UINSU). This research is crucial as effective communication is key to strengthening leadership and enhancing the performance of student organizations in a dynamic academic environment. By understanding the dynamics of communication in the context of student leadership, it is hoped that recommendations can be found to improve leadership effectiveness and strengthen relationships between students and the academic community and broader society. The method used in this study is qualitative with a qualitative descriptive approach. Data collection techniques include in-depth interviews with DEMA members, participatory observation in DEMA meetings and activities, and analysis of official documents such as meeting minutes and activity reports. Data analysis was conducted using thematic analysis to identify main themes, and data validity was examined through data triangulation, credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmability techniques. The results show that the Leadership Communication Model of DEMA-FIS UINSU emphasizes openness, constructive feedback, and adaptability to situations and member needs. This model encompasses various critical aspects of leadership communication, including how leaders communicate, how messages are conveyed, and how they are received and understood by organization members. However, the model also faces challenges, including gaps between the vision conveyed by leaders and members' understanding and engagement, as well as challenges in achieving deep consensus or overcoming differing opinions that may arise. Overall, this study provides valuable insights into the strengths and limitations of the leadership communication model applied in DEMA-FIS UINSU, and offers recommendations for further improvement and development in student leadership practices.</em></p> 2024-07-04T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Peran Kanal Cek Fakta Liputan6.Com Dalam Mengurangi Ketidakpastian Informasi 2024-07-02T04:28:03+00:00 Adrian Gevita Rachman Ana Fitirana Poerana Made Panji Teguh <p><em>Fact Checking Journalism is an important activity in tackling hoaxes in digital media. is one of the online media that has a Fact Check Channel verified by the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN). This research examines the fact-checking procedures carried out by the Fact Check Channel with the aim of understanding their efforts in dealing with hoaxes on digital media. The research method used is qualitative with a case study approach. The research results show that the Fact Check Channel has an important role in reducing cognitive and behavioral uncertainty in society due to hoax information on digital media. They try to verify information, create Debunking articles to reveal facts from hoaxes, as well as Prebunking articles to provide education to prevent the spread of hoaxes. In conclusion, is active in maintaining the truth of information and contributing to overcoming hoaxes in the digital era.</em></p> 2024-07-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Interpretasi Makna Lagu "Jalan Pulang" Karya Yura Yunita bagi Mahasiswa Rantau 2024-07-04T17:31:41+00:00 Ahdi Wahidin Mayasari Mayasari Luluatu Nayiroh <p><em>This study explores the meaning of Yura Yunita’s song “Jalan Pulang” for out-of-town students. The primary objective is to understand how this song resonates with students who are studying far from home. The research employs a qualitative method with an Alfred Schutz phenomenological approach, involving in-depth interviews, observations, and literature studies. Data were collected from three informants who are Communication Science students at Singaperbangsa University, Karawang. The findings reveal that the song serves as a source of encouragement, a reminder of home, and a means of emotional expression. Each student interprets the song based on their personal experiences, highlighting the diverse meanings attributed to “Jalan Pulang.” These interpretations range from seeing the song as a motivational tool to viewing it as a form of emotional solace. This study concludes that “Jalan Pulang” plays a significant role in alleviating homesickness, enhancing emotional well-being, and providing psychological support to out-of-town students. The diverse interpretations underscore the song's powerful impact in helping students navigate the emotional challenges of studying far from their families.</em></p> 2024-07-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024