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Jurnal Sains Dan Teknologi (JSIT)  E-ISSN : 2807-7393 is a Journal of Research and Scientific Studies published by CV.ITTC - INDONESIA. Editors receive submissions of studies and research results for the fields of Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology. Incoming manuscripts will be evaluated and edited for format uniformity without changing the intent. Terms and ways of writing can be seen on the guide page for writers.

Jurnal Sains Dan Teknologi (JSIT)works closely with The Prodi Sistem Informasi Universitas Dharma Andalas which provide editorial members, peer reviewers, and authors.

Start Vol 3 (2023) Jurnal Sains Dan Teknologi (JSIT)  Frequency: 3 issues per year, Issue 1 (January-April), Issue 2 (May-August), Issue 3 (September-December)


Important Information for Authors


throughout Indonesia

To facilitate and speed up the process of your manuscript being sent to the Science and Technology journal, we urge you to understand the publication process/flow that applies to the Science and Technology Journal before submitting a manuscript. Therefore we need to convey a few things as follows:

  1. Guidelines for submitting a manuscript, please click: http://jurnal.minartis.com/index.php/jsit//panduanpenulisan
  2. Template Jurnal Sains Dan Teknologi : https://s.id/Template
  3. ournal Publication Fee: http://jurnal.minartis.com/index.php/jsit/fee
  4. There are many articles that we REJECT due to several reasons including: Preparation of the article is not in accordance with the template and the results of the plagiarism check (Maximum 20%)
  5. For authors who do not have the results of checking the plagiarism of their manuscripts, we direct them to check plagiarism at the following link:+62882-7087-5130
  6. Before submitting, make sure that the preparation of your manuscript is in accordance with template jurnal JSIT .Thus we convey this information, we thank you for your attention.


Best Regards,

Editorial Team


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Current Issue

Vol. 4 No. 2 (2024): Mei - Agustus
Published: 2024-05-18


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Journal Title : JSIT
Subjects : Jurnal Sains dan Teknologi (JSIT)
  : Indonesia and English
ISSN : 2807-7393 (Online - Elektronik)
Frequency : 3 issues per year (Maret , July and November)
DOI : https://doi.org/10.47233/jsit
Editor-in-chief : Ridho Aidil Fitrah
Email : ridhoaidilfitrah@gmail.com
Citation Analysis : Google Scholar

Jurnal Sains Dan Teknologi - JSIT diterbitkan oleh CV.ITTC INDONESIA  dan dikelola secara profesional  oleh Webinar.Gratis dan Even.Gratis dalam membantu para akademisi, peneliti dan praktisi untuk menyebarkan hasil penelitiannya.

Webinar.Gratis merupakan sebuah komunitas relawan dalam menyelenggarakan seminar atau webinar

Paper dapat dikirimkan setiap waktu, dengan notifikasi dalam 1 - 2 minggu. Silahkan email : jurnal.jsit@gmail.com untuk respon lebih cepat. 

Jurnal Sains Dan Teknologi (JSIT)  Frequency: 3 issues per year, Issue 1 (January-April), Issue 2 (May-August), Issue 3 (September-December)